Rig Move Coordination

A project to measure and improve land rig moves identified four key fundamentals and their integration as the path to improved efficiency: streamlined procedures, intelligent rig design, maximum equipment utilization and effective communication.

TK Gas Services begins by mapping out the entire rig move process through detailed observations of actual rig moves. Using the collected data, the team then develops a baseline rig move. We examine different issues that may arise and deal with each one independently. We examine the needs to effectively and safely prepare and move a rig.

Once the initial baseline rig move is established, TK Gas Services prepares to use a test rig to track its moves and implement changes. Rig release-to-spud time at the beginning of the project averages around 4 days.

Improvements made to streamline procedures include creating simple timelines, interactive procedures, and checklists. It is important to have timelines and simple documents that people in the field can easily read. Rig design is important. The mast and sub obviously are the most critical, and then there is cable management, the size of the loads, and the number of the loads it takes to move the rig.

In order to maximize the use of equipment, detailed and accurate load plans must be in place, as well as driver checklists. We need to know the number of trucks being used to move a rig. Does everybody know how many trucks the move takes? How long is the move? How many miles is it? If it’s 60 miles, you might need more trucks than if it’s just 20 miles. This needs to be lined up from the beginning. The ultimate goal is to have an effective and efficient move plan.


TK Gas Services realizes effective communication is one of the most important components of an efficient rig move. We make sure we are in constant contact with all parties and are prepared to monitor the move. After the move, we meet to review the move and discuss how to improve the next one.

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