Pre-Commissioning Inspection

Commissioning involves the use of a disciplined, systematic methodology to convert the constructed compressor station into an integrated and operational unit within a gas or oil transmission system.

This process should be implemented in a safe and efficient manner within a defined time-frame and budget. The successful operation of a compressor station strongly depends on the quality of three stages of the commissioning: pre-commissioning, core commissioning, and start-up. Here we focus on the pre-commissioning inspection that TK Gas Services can provide.

A large portion of a commissioning time is often spent on preparation, which includes the development of a commissioning plan, preparation of commissioning documentations, development of operating procedures and handover procedures.

The implementation of commissioning is the most critical part of a compressor station project, which could include acceptance tests, cleaning activities, pre-commissioning, commissioning punch-listing, core commissioning activities and handover to the operation. Pre-commissioning prepares a compressor station to move to the core (main) commissioning phase. We check to make sure all necessary factors are reviewed to take this station live. We want to make sure the station is fit for operation

For a poorly commissioned gas or oil well, the life expectancy could run less than a year. A large number of failures in compressor stations could be  

prevented by a better condition monitoring system. An important stage for any compressor station commissioning is to make the condition monitoring system fully operational.

An essential element in the commissioning stage is inspection and verification of spare parts. Based on experience, about 4-7% of all spare components could be flawed; parts replacement may be required during commissioning. In some rare cases, a minor repair could be needed on equipment, machinery or facilities during commissioning. All fabrication and repair procedures should be in-hand for this stage.

Our commissioning representatives have studied various safety functions, such as Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) gatherings and the pre-start-up safety review (PSSR). PSSR is the last opportunity to catch and solve safety issues before the start-up.

TK Gas Services can provide a very thorough pre-commissioning checklist to make sure your oil or gas rig is ready for full functionality.

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