Lease road construction is necessary to provide ingress and egress to well sites.  Roads need to be built to withstand multiple heavy pieces of equipment and trucks that will be used to construct, drill, and complete wells. Most roads need to allow for oversize and overweight loads to be hauled in and out while also serving as staging for fleets of frac and water trucks for example.

A good lease road starts with a base. A base must be established in order for a road to hold up and therefore avoiding exorbitant costs. These roads may be very short, directly off an established road or highway, or could be miles to get to the site crossing streams or creeks. Other factors could include steep hills, ravines, and naturally occurring springs. No matter what conditions present themselves, they must be mitigated in order to streamline traffic in an orderly and safe fashion.

TK Gas has created numerous lease roads. Road matting, silt fence, drainage systems, stone, soil stabilization, clearing, and grading are just some of the initial factors considered when deciding to establish a thoroughfare

The TK team specializes in the construction of lease and access roads ensuring safe and stable entry to your site under various inclement conditions. Following the completed construction of the lease or access road, TK Gas clears debris and hazardous objects to ensure safe transportation conditions. Furthermore, when maintenance or repairs are needed on lease or access roads, we respond quickly to the call in order to reinstate safe conditions to and from the production facility.

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