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Fluid Management


One of the major changes during the past year on the operational side of the fluids business is an integrated approach to fluid management. The trend is changing how companies are structured and present themselves to customers, which has led to the buzzword in corporate America – “solutions.”

TK Gas Services has been structured to better serve customers in this new “customer needs” environment. This has been applied to the oil and gas industry in many different ways – the drilling/completion/production fluids business is no exception. In a rapidly growing industry spreading into remote areas, this type of operational structure allows for more flexibility and synergy of services.

We make sure your entire integrated service projects are provided for. All aspects of project management are addressed with multiple services being managed by one team. Operators are continuing to give more control of operational engineering and management to service companies.

The main purpose of our focused groups is to optimize the planning and decision-making processes of these added responsibilities. Other benefits to operators include more efficient Health, Safety, and Environment Management at rig sites, easier financial billing and accounting, and fewer assets and personnel required for project management.

TK Gas Services provides a smaller, integrated technology approach for addressing single well site management projects. The difference in this approach is more focus on technology management, as opposed to total project management.

Emphasizing a planning-to-production approach, this management philosophy is highly applicable when drilling in remote, hard to access locations and in sensitive wilderness and wildlife areas. The approach allows service providers to address their clients’ demand for greater unification of existing miscellaneous well services. The alignment of goals with their clients’ allows for a “pay for performance” pricing strategy – proving to be favorable for both the service and operating companies.

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