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Ted R. Korte

Ted began TK Gas Services in 1991. He is the Founder, President and Chair of the Corporate Board of Directors. His experience and expertise has been in providing the following services throughout the years: Meter Calibration, Engine Repairs, Pipeline Installation & Repair, Construction of Tank Batteries, General Roustabout, Well Site Construction, Reclamation, Trucking, Well Tending, Internal Pipeline Maintenance and Cathodic Protection.

Ted brings over 40 years of intense and extensive Gas Service Experience. TK Gas Services prides itself on efficiency and dependability. TK Gas uses its creative problem-solving abilities to collaborate with clients in serving their needs. The 40 years of contacts TK Gas brings with them represents a valuable asset to our clients. These contacts or references are available upon request.

TK Gas Services is a local established business serving the Appalachian Basin.

James E. McCance

James has been a part of the TK Gas family since 2012. He is Vice President of Operations and a member of the Corporate Board of Directors. He arranges services for new and existing clients. James has been heavily involved in this industry in the following positions: Production Superintendent, Field Foreman, Well Tender, Truck Driver and Heavy Equipment Operator.

James treats all customers and employees as a member of his extended family and takes pride in knowing each individual on a personal level. He believes in providing and maintaining the greatest amount of efficiency and production for clients possible. On a daily basis you can find James between the TK Gas Office and in the field performing all of his versatile responsibilities.

Jill D. Pattison

Jill began working for TK Gas Services in 1996. She serves as Secretary/Treasurer as well as a member of the Corporate Board of Directors. She is responsible for setting up new clients, compliance issues, overseeing employee benefits programs, billings, and receivables as well as other financial related matters.

She received her B.A. in accounting from Muskingum College in 1983, giving her over 34 years of experience in the oil and gas industry in accounting. She strives to make sure that each of TK’s clients and associates are taken care of in a timely and professional manner. She, as well as each of the other office staff work to try to make each employee feel comfortable and welcome into the TK Gas family.

The Staff of TK Gas Services

Our mission is to treat each person as a valued customer while contributing positively to the bottom line of TK Gas Services through an ongoing service of integrity and professionalism. We recognize how important each one of our jobs is to the further development of this company and to yours. Daily we try to improve our skills and understanding in and of the Oil and Gas industry.

This industry is ever changing and we want to be right there with you to make that change in a positive and productive manner.

Our Work Flow


TK Gas Services provides site and lease road construction, compression systems, repair and maintenance and more. 


Production operation management services enables greater efficiency.


A roustabout has a broad spectrum of responsibilities and skills.


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