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Our Company

TK Gas Services Inc. was established in 1991 by Ted R. Korte, president of the company. The company has been built on teamwork, honesty, integrity, and dependability through strong teamwork. TK Gas has been a service provider in the oil and gas business for over 25 years. TK Gas remains loyal to its customers by upholding contracts, completing jobs efficiently, and responding to customer needs in a timely manner. TK Gas is known for its construction and reclamation work on oil and gas pads, well tending services, and roustabout work. TK Gas stands behind their work and takes pleasure in providing a quality service that clients are pleased with. The company is committed to growing and expanding within the oil and gas industry.

Bringing The Oilfield To Life!

Safety is #1.

Safety on the Job

The safety of our and your crew will always remain a top priority with TK Gas Services.

Safety on the Road

Our crew members are constantly reminded of the importance of safety and not getting distracted.

Safety on the Site

We know the dangers that exist on sites, even the ones that cannot be seen. We make sure safety protocols are in place at all times.

What We Offer

TK Gas Services prides itself on efficiency and dependability. The 40 years of contacts TK Gas brings with them are a valuable asset to our clients. TK Gas Services is a locally established business serving the Appalachian Basin.

Our mission is to be the leader in service to the oil and gas industry through a consistent emphasis on safety and customer satisfaction. Our focus is on continuous imporvement for both ourselves and the clients we serve by ensuring compliance with client regulations and industry standards through unsurpassed training and certification.

Our workers are dedicated to their position and to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Our client service is well-known throughout the Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia area. No other company can offer better service than TK Gas Services. You are our top priority and making sure your facilities are in top shape under our care is #1.

  • Hard Work 100%
  • Client Satisfaction 100%
  • Dedication and Commitment 100%



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